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Welcome to the names.co.uk blog, the new name for Namesco! At names.co.uk we provide domain registration, web hosting, personal and business email, ecommerce solutions, website creation tools, business servers and lots more.

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6 essential tips before starting a website


DIY, we’ve all done it (or tried to) whether it be plumbing a faulty leak, or putting together a fancy IKEA storage system, it’s in our nature to give it a go. And this should be the same when it comes to building your very first website.  Like plumbing or DIY, without the right tools, knowledge or tips, things can sometimes get a bit complex, so we’ve comprised 6 top tips of our own to help you plan and prepare before you start building your fabulous new website. 1. Establish the aim of your website What is it you want … Continue reading

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Office 365 – Join the subscription revolution!

Office 365

Officially launched in 2011, Office 365 brings brings the full Office Online suite to work with Exchange Email, SharePoint and Lync Online, Office 365 is built on an always-up-to-date Cloud service. A subscription-based service, Office 365 allows users to securely access, edit, share, store and sync all your office files from anywhere in real time. So what does this revolutionary cloud based package from Microsoft mean for your business? Firstly, what is a subscription-based service? A subscription-based service encourages customers to make regular payments, usually monthly, to have access to a product or service. This is an alternative payment method … Continue reading

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Office for iPad Functionality

Office for iPad

Microsoft’s Office for iPad has gained considerable notoriety and excellent reviews across the board since its release in 2011. So what is it about Office for iPad that saw downloads reach 12 million in its first week and more than 27 million in its first month and a half? Whilst the Office for iPad app is free to open in a read-only mode, creating and editing documents does require users to sign up to an Office 365 subscription. It includes 3 key apps; a spreadsheet (Excel), word processor (Word) and presentation software (Keynote) all of which are compatible with the … Continue reading

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Google announce preference for secure websites


Is your website fully secure? If so, you’re in luck because Google are now giving secure websites preference in its search rankings. What does it mean for you and your website? It means if your website has adopted HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) it will carry more weight with Google and get ranked higher when users search online. HTTPS ensures that the communication between you and the site you’re using is secure and encrypted. This protects your privacy and any sensitive information that is being sent to the website. How do I ensure my website is secure? You can do … Continue reading

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Final call for .london

.london priority

When I think of London – I think of a city bursting with energy and opportunity; a fast-paced, bustling hub that leaves a person feeling invigorated, exhausted and full of life, all at the same time! Oozing with creativity and culture, it attracts an extensive array of visitors and is one of the world’s most sought after locations for businesses and consumers alike. So, are you lucky enough to be part of the buzz that is London? Are you a Londoner? Then you’re in with a higher chance of owning a tiny piece of the city – a .LONDON – … Continue reading

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