Why you should have a website

Like many small to medium business owners you may believe there’s little to be gained from investing in a professional website. Such an important milestone is often overlooked due to the upfront costs or time needed to create your own. Take a look at our top 3 reasons why it’s essential to get yourself a cracking website in time for the New Year. Credibility Now more than ever people associate a strong web presence with a credible business. For example, if you’re a plumber with nowhere online to shout about all the great work you’ve done, people are less likely […]

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Starting your online business

Find your niche A successful business starts out with you finding a gap in the market and filling it, or improving on what’s already there. The internet is the perfect place to begin your market research. You can start out by performing keyword research. This helps you to target the sorts of keywords people are searching for, but for which many sites aren’t competing. If you have a general idea of a business in mind, start looking at your closest competitors. Visit their sites, take note of what works and what doesn’t. Then improve on what already exists. Captivate your […]

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Top tips to get your online shop ready for Christmas

Gareth Phoenix, owner of new business Gentlemen’s Practice shares his secrets on how to get your website festive ready this Christmas! Offer free delivery to your customers when approaching this special time of the year. Offering free delivery on your website is a great way of reeling in customers. Make sure you advertise this offer consistently on your website and send emails to any of your subscribers so your customers can take full advantage. With the general expense of Christmas, not having to pay for delivery is an amazing way to get your products noticed! Make sure you have a […]

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Money makes the internet world go round

Your business name is one of your biggest assets… you need to make sure your domain is working as hard as it can for you! The online industry has got with the times and there is now more choice of suffix than ever before making it even easier to use your domain to tell your story. If money and finance is your business sector there’s now a whole bunch of extensions you can choose from to show your online audience exactly what you do. It just makes sense… if you’re an accountant looking to get new business, use .accountant to […]

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