Web hosting – 5 reasons to be wary of free packages


There’s a lot of choice when it comes to choosing a web hosting package. One of the most important considerations is deciding whether you want to pay for hosting or opt for a free service. If you’re looking for web hosting, check out the points below to find out why investing in a web hosting package from a quality provider is important for your website and your business. 1. A compromise too far? Opting for a free package often means a compromise has to made. For example, opting for free website hosting can mean little or no control over your [...]

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Tell people who you really are

Tell People Who You Really Are

Are you an .expert or a .guru? Is your .company the best at giving the right .solutions, .tips or .training? Create your own .bio and tell the world how great you are, with these fantastic new extensions! Get your perfect domain today, with 25% off for a .limited time only! IS THIS YOU? yourname.expert yourname.guru yourname.bio yourbusiness.company yourbusiness.solutions yourbusiness.tips yourbusiness.training yourbusiness.limited With so much choice available, your domain name can now truly reflect who you are! It’s all in a name, don’t miss out on yours. Simply use this voucher code ADKPRUXY to get 25% off your domain name now! You might [...]

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Ryan goes LIMITLESS for Midlands Air Ambulance

Ryan's skydive

To launch our new LIMITLESS packages, we decided to push our own limits here at names.co.uk and do a skydive for charity. Ryan Meredith, one of the web developers who worked to bring you our new unlimited Web Hosting packages, was chosen as the lucky names.co.uk jumper. He was giddy with nerves when we revealed he was the ‘chosen one’, he said, “I couldn’t believe it, I felt anxious but energised at the thought of it. I tried not to think about the actual jump too much but it somehow kept creeping into my dreams at night which I found [...]

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Our tasty Macmillan Coffee Morning


Today we held our Macmillan Coffee Morning in support of all the great work Macmillan nurses do for people living with cancer. As you can see we had an abundance of yummy treats brought in by our staff, which were then hand delivered to people’s desks for a fee! We’ve also been selling raffle tickets to win tasty beverages and selling handmade cards to help raise money for this great cause. The Macmillan Coffee Morning is the charity’s largest fundraising event, where they ask people across the UK to hold a coffee morning to raise money. In 2013, 154,000 people [...]

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What NO means for .SCOT


The release of .scot to the general public next Tuesday will be more poignant than ever in light of the ‘NO’ vote result from yesterday’s referendum. We all knew if the outcome of the vote was ‘YES’ to an independent Scotland it could have had significant implications on many things like currency and education but also on Scotland’s domain name. The ‘NO’ result has unified the United Kingdom and strengthened the .uk domain name which could have been seriously disrupted if Scotland had become an independent state. If the Scottish people had voted YES, the .scot domain name potentially could [...]

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