– .Space is our Domain of the day

dotspace .space

Popularity of .space is out of this world! This New gTLD immediately had us thinking of the moon landing, the beautiful night sky and whether we’re alone in the universe! With so many new images being released by NASA recently and so much buzz around space travel to Mars, it’s surely difficult for any astronomer, stargazer or space enthusiast to resist this new domain extension? .space has many more potential uses than that though, after all, up until 7 years ago MySpace was the most popular social networking website in the world, I’m always inspired by luxurious living space in […]

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dotwebsite .website

With so many new domain names always being released, it’s worth keeping a keen eye on the domain name market to see which is most relevant to you and to your business. To see a list, take a look at our A-Z of new style domain name extensions! Among the new comers is our ‘Domain of the day’ .website The .website domain extension was released for general availability on the 17th September 2014 and so far 106,884 .website domains have been registered worldwide! Some lesser known facts about .website are: There were over 2 million DNS queries on .website domains […]

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Are you ready to engage with your mobile audience?


Is your website mobile responsive? Most websites can be viewed on a mobile or tablet but they appear in the same full-width format they would if you were viewing them on a desktop computer or laptop. A mobile responsive website automatically alters its layout depending on the screen resolution of the device you are viewing it on. Earlier this year Google announced that its search engine, when used on a mobile or tablet, would rank mobile responsive websites higher in the search results than websites that are not responsive. Now, in the latest report by OfCom – the communications regulator, […]

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No time to build a website yourself?

get a website built for you

Try our brand new build me a website solution and get a professional looking website built for you! Many business owners don’t have the time to think about building a website themselves, and some just feel more comfortable leaving it to the professionals. Build me a website will save you time, money and will get your business online quickly. Build me a website uses our website builder tool CloudSite, making it really easy to manage your site once its built – don’t worry, you will be shown how to do this. For just £299+VAT and the price of CloudSite, you […]

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Happy 1st Birthday .UK!

Happy 1st Birthday UK

.uk turned 1 today and in the twelve short months since its arrival, there’s already been over 320,000 .uk domains registered according to Nominet figures. Ian Beaumont from our Domain Name Management team said, ‘Although the numbers are still small compared to, the fact that so many have been registered in just one year indicates .uk is happily being adopted by the public. The portfolio will continue to expand over time but in particular; interest will peak once .uk reaches its fifth year because at that point, any .uk that is currently reserved for the matching owner will […]

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