How can AppMaker benefit your business?

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Before the days of apps we just had web browsers, when we saw something we liked online, we would favourite the website or bookmark the web page so that whenever we wanted to look back or check for updates we’d only be a click away. With smartphones and tablets now being the most popular way to access the internet apps are becoming more and more important. Why browse to a website when you can just tap the icon on your home screen? An app shouldn’t be seen as an alternative to a website, it complements a website. Having an app […]

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Scam emails targeting domain name owners is constantly in touch with various registrars from around the world in order to keep up to date with issues affecting the industry. In our communications with them, we have been able to determine that many domain name owners have been targeted with  phishing scam emails. In light of this, we need to make you aware that these emails (shown below) are NOT being sent from or any other domain name provider we have spoken to. The emails are malicious in nature and should be ignored if received. In an attempt to bring this to end we are […]

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New Intelligent SSD Web Hosting is here

Intelligent SSD Web Hosting

Our breakthrough new intelligent SSD platform launches Limitless web hosting into a whole new era. Our new NetApp tiered storage setup will learn about your website and the content that matters to your customers. The most popular data is automatically moved to SSD storage and served to the end user even quicker. Done automatically and intelligently, your customers get faster, seamless access to their favourite stuff. The new Apache web hosting platform has also been reinforced with F5 Viprion load balancers so we can provide an uninterrupted experience to our customers even through maintenance or hardware failures. We’ve also added […]

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PHP 7 is available on our hosting plans!


We have recently been doing a lot of work and investing heavily in our data centre, this work includes a major upgrade of our hardware but these are just the underpinnings of what is essentially an overhauled hosting platform. is the first UK hosting provider to offer PHP 7 on it’s shared hosting environment, so if you are a keen developer you may want to get to work ensuring that your website is PHP 7 compliant. The beauty of our hosting packages is that the PHP version can be directory specific, so whilst you may want to continue running […]

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