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Welcome to the names.co.uk blog, the new name for Namesco! At names.co.uk we provide domain registration, web hosting, personal and business email, ecommerce solutions, website creation tools, business servers and lots more.

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Heartbleed – What you need to know


Heartbleed – OpenSSL Critical vulnerability CVE-2014-0160 Customers may be aware that on April 7th 2014 a globally critical vulnerability had been released that affects OpenSSL software, an application that provides a way for encrypted communications across the internet using secure sockets layer (SSL) and transport layer security (TLS). This vulnerability uncovers a bug that, under certain circumstances, could allow a person eavesdropping on individuals network traffic to then decrypt what had previously been thought to be secure encrypted communications. An example of this could be browsing the Internet in a café using a shared Wi-Fi network with untrusted users. The … Continue reading

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Top 3 benefits of new gTLDs

New Domain Extensions

Are new domain name extensions important to you? The answer is yes if your business is online or if you intend to take it online! Earlier this year the first new generic domain name extensions (gTLDs) opened for registration and now, a steady stream of new domains are hitting the market every week. Here are the top three reasons why you should secure the right new domain name for your business: 1.    Relevance How many of you would have picked a generic website address like photographer.com, builder.com, plumber.com? Admit it – we’d all love our website address to “do exactly … Continue reading

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How to start an online business – Ecommerce success story

Nolan - Ecommerce Success Story

Want to know how to set up an online business? Here’s an inspirational success story that may help you to get the wheels in motion. One of our customers, Mr Paris Nolan, set up his online business, demoneyez.com, in 2012 and within 3 weeks he had over 100 orders a day! Since then it’s grown immeasurably and he’s here to tell us how he did it and give his top tips on how to get started. So Paris, can you tell us what your business is and how you came up with the idea? Demoneyez.com sells special effect contact lenses. … Continue reading

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How to set up your Ecommerce Shop – Top Tips

Ecommerce Boxes

Online retail sales are continuing to go from strength to strength with approximately £7.2billion spent online in February, according to the UK’s industry association for e-retail, the Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG). With this in mind we wanted to show you how to build an Ecommerce shop quickly, so you too can start benefiting from the growing trend. If you missed our recent Ecommerce webinar, you missed out on expert, André Podeyn, taking you through the steps to set up an online shop. But don’t worry! It’s easier than most people think and here are André’s top tips: •   … Continue reading

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Is email hosting good value for money?

Personalise your email

In a nutshell – yes! If you are a small or medium business, your email is one of the most valuable routes for visitors and customers to contact you. It’s essential to always create a memorable and professional impression and email hosting will help you achieve it. So what is email hosting? When you set up email hosting for business or personal use, you are fundamentally buying your own private mailbox that sits on our secure servers. Why pay when you can get free email? For a minuscule cost, email hosting has an array of benefits for individuals, small businesses … Continue reading

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