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Using Images and Fonts Effectively

  To achieve visual success, it’s essential that you master the text and imagery on your website. Having images that catch the eye and words that wow is one thing, bringing them together to create something stunning is another. Have… Continue Reading →

Starting your online business

Find your niche A successful business starts out with you finding a gap in the market and filling it, or improving on what’s already there. The internet is the perfect place to begin your market research. You can start out… Continue Reading →

SiteMaker: The Basics – Part 2. Editing Menus

Welcome to the second installment of our SiteMaker Basics Tutorials where we will show you how to Edit your Menus. Menus can be repositioned through Page Master as explained in ‘SiteMaker: The Basics… 1. Adding your Site Name’. Now that… Continue Reading →