.UK may be on its way, tell us what you think!

.ukNominet, the .uk registry have announced their plan to hold a second ‘consultation’ to ask two important questions –

  • Should Nominet allow direct registrations under .uk?
  • If so, how should they release the potential new .uk domain name extension?

We want to know what you think

On July 1st 2013, Nominet will release a consultation asking for your opinion as to whether domain names ending in .uk should be allowed alongside the existing .co.uk .org.uk etc. If Nominet are to add this new option, they will also need to know the fairest way to do it e.g. should existing individuals and businesses that have already secured their .co.uk or .org.uk domain name be allowed to request the “matching” domain name directly in .uk portfolio?

In this second consultation, it is proposed that existing domain name registrants in the .uk namespace could have a “six month” period in which they can submit an application for the corresponding .uk domain name. In the cases where multiple applications for the same .uk domain name are received in this initial 6 month period, the application from the registrant with the corresponding domain name (.co.uk .org.uk .me.uk etc) that has been registered the longest, will be awarded the direct.uk.

Sounds too complicated?

Lets take our own names.co.uk domain name as an example. We’d definitely want to secure names.uk if .uk is introduced. We currently have names.co.uk and on the Whois register it shows it was registered before August 1996 – this makes us quite old! If .uk is released, then whether we submit an application for names.uk on day one or on the last day of our “six month right of refusal” we should get names.uk (phew!).

If we don’t submit an application (which we will), then the oldest applicant who submits an order will get it. If after 6 months, no-one had submitted an order for names.uk then it would be available on a first come, first served basis for registration order.

So, watch this space! We’ll post a link to the Nominet consultation on July 1st from our Facebook and Twitter accounts so you can contribute and give your opinion on whether you would like your own .uk. You can also give your ideas on what you think would be the fairest way to introduce .uk if it’s decided to be in the best interest of the UK namespace. I’ve asked Kelly Salter, our biggest domain geek to be available on Facebook and Twitter that day to answer all your questions. Like and follow us today so you don’t miss out.

Read more about the consultation in Nominet’s board minutes.

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