Want to be a Web Hosting Reseller?

If you’re interested in starting a web hosting business, you don’t have to run out right away and invest thousands of pounds in high-end Web servers, software and infrastructure. Your start in the business can come more quickly and inexpensively if you sign up as a reseller.

What’s a reseller? Just like the term suggests, it’s a business that resells the services of another hosting company under its own brand name. As a reseller, you can offer hosting services at prices of your own choosing, target specific markets that interest you most and add other options or services. Your customers don’t even have to know that you’re a reseller (although some resellers choose to be upfront about their status as a way to build customer trust). With our brandable Online Control Panel and WebMail, you can offer an individually tailored solution at no extra cost, which is perfect for resellers.

But why would someone choose to host with a reseller instead of a large international Hosting company?
Some smaller companies prefer hosting their Website with a one- or few-person operation where they know they can call up and ask for the owner by name. Others appreciate a reseller who can offer add-on services other hosts might not have; for example, writing services, custom Web graphics or public-relations services. And some customers like having a reseller host that understands their particular niche – whether it’s hosting for educational sites, women’s groups, not-for-profits, etc. So this can be the perfect time to provide a unique service to niche companies.

So what does it take to get started as a reseller? Understanding the basics of hosting technology – knowing the difference between Windows and Linux, for example, feeling comfortable with FTP (file transfer protocol) programs, and having a grasp of concepts like bandwidth, megabytes of storage and POP email – is essential. After all, you don’t want your top answer to customers to be, “I don’t know,” whenever they have a technical problem with their Websites (and, sooner or later, they all will).

Once you’re comfortable with the basics of hosting, make sure you develop a business plan so your reselling venture starts off with a solid foundation. Reselling web hosting is as real a business as any other, so the more research and work you put into it before launching, the better your odds of success.

How to get started:

  1. Research web server providers. This will allow you to know what other resellers are doing, who provides the best web hosting packages and the web server companies that offer the best services. Research the best names for your reseller business. Select a name that says what your business does instantly.
  2.  Sign up for the Hosting package of your choice; the package you choose will depend on your experience and size of your business – we offer a fantastic reseller Hosting package with unlimited storage, email, multi domain hosting and FTP accounts, that will get you started. Plus we offer a re-brand-able control panel and email platform. Our Platinum Hosting enables you to manage multiple websites and clients with ease in a choice of Windows or Linux platforms on a per-domain basis.
  3. Build your website with us to announce your web hosting reseller business. Website owners will sign up for your services and pay you through your website.
  4. Invest in advertising and SEO (search engine optimisation) to make sure your online business can be found by the right customers for your service. At Namesco we also offer Advertising packages to suit you and will be launching our fantastic new SEO service in the next few months – so you can do everything in one place, with one provider making your life far easier.

Contact us today on 0845 363 3630 to discuss your options and packages that are best for your new reseller business!

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  1. You need to have a quality web hosting provider to run a successful reseller hosting provider with quality customer feedback.

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