Our WebMail gets an upgrade

­That’s right – our brand new WebMail 4.4 is here and it’s better than ever!

We’ve listened to customer feedback and made dozens of changes and updates to give you the best experience possible from our WebMail facility. From minor bug fixes to some great new user-centric updates, you are sure to be impressed with the latest upgrade.

Our head of Development – Marcus Don said “WebMail 4.4 represents a coming of age for Namesco’s newest email platform. The underlying software on which WebMail 4 is based – called Roundcube – has matured into a powerful application and, with the addition of the many features added by Namesco, we now believe we have a truly industry-leading product.”

So what’s changed?

  • We have added the option to move your preview pane to the side (via User preferences => Mailbox view), which makes reading your emails so much easier, especially if you have a widescreen monitor.
  • The brand new address book features the ability to upload a photo for each contact and add as many fields of information as you need. All contacts created in WebMail 4.3 before 10thApril 2012 have already been imported into WebMail 4.4.
  • The contacts section also now contains a contact search and an improved import facility.
  • It is now much easier to compose an email if you are using a low resolution monitor; we’ve made the hide button in the header available across all brands, and reduced the size of the header fields and the footer to create more space.
  • As a result of customer feedback, we have removed the “remember me” facility from the login page and made it possible for your browser to remember your login credentials.
  • The “Recipients to contacts” feature has been refactored to resolve an issue whereby some users with this feature enabled were logged out of WebMail after sending an email to an unknown contact.
  • It is now possible to compose multiple messages simultaneously, perfect for those who like to multi-task.
  • The calendar has been updated to support multiple calendars and the ability to export calendar data.


Try new WebMail 4.4 by selecting from the dropdown list on the login page.

We’re keen to hear what you think, so once logged in you can get in touch by using the WebMail Feedback link.

Keep checking back for more updates on all of our products and services at blog.names.co.uk

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4 thoughts on “Our WebMail gets an upgrade

  1. What’s happened to the Print button on version 4.4.0 ?

    I can’t see it anywhere !

    Peter Gallagher

  2. Hi there,

    Any way export for contacts from Webmail to Outlook 2010? When I try to export contacts in vcf from Webmail it just exports the first contact only, whoever I have selected.


    1. Hi Ted,

      Outlook 2010 allows contacts to be imported as Vcard (.vcf) format so you should be able to do this. I’ve not heard of Webmail only exporting the selected contact and none others, so that needs investigating. Could you send in a support ticket with all the pertinent details and we’ll take a look for you?

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