Businesses: Top tips on how to keep social customers happy

I Like it - Thumb upSince the likes of Facebook and Twitter came along businesses have been, whether willingly or not, opened up to the in-your-face communication that social networking delivers.

Reading customer feedback about your products and services is fantastic, it’s a great way to learn first-hand what your customers are thinking and in real time.  Have they started using the new web hosting ecommerce feature yet?  What did they think about the free email upgrade you gave them last week?  It’s instant feedback on a plate…on a very public plate.

So what about when something goes wrong?   Many people head straight to Facebook or Twitter at the first sight of a problem whether it’s to find out if other users are experiencing the same, to get in touch with the Company responsible, or just to have a moan.  We all do it!

Any business will know that you can’t keep 100% of customers 100% happy 100% of the time.  But what you can do is listen, and respond.

Here at Namesco, we focus heavily on giving the best customer service we possibly can and that extends to our social media activities.   More and more of our customers are now using our social channels to get in touch with us and we are there to respond, 7 days a week.

We have a Social Media Team in place that covers many disciplines within our business; Customer Care, Technical Support, Content and Marketing.  This allows us to have the right people in the right place talking to our customers.

If you’re running a business online you really need a presence on social media, not only to understand what people are saying about you, but also to get involved and engage with your audience.

Here are some top tips for businesses on how to be keep customers happy on social media:

Be there!

Rule number one – be there! If you’re not active on Facebook and Twitter, who is there to answer questions relating to your business, shout about your successes, or defend your name?

The right people

Having a mix of individuals from around your business responding to social media feedback brings different experience and knowledge to the table, and your customers will appreciate talking to someone who understands their needs.

Respond or feel the wrath

Keep responding to your customers, especially if there is an issue.  Even if you have no news or you’re ‘still working on it’, keep everyone informed.  An unhappy camper can often be mellowed if they at least know you’re doing your best to resolve things.  An unhappy camper left to stew?  Let’s just say, news on social media can travel fast.

Answer feedback directly

Respond to your users individually where possible.  Just because you’ve posted something on your Facebook wall or Twitter feed, doesn’t mean your users have seen it.  If someone has asked you a direct question, answer them directly.  Nobody likes to be ignored!

Answer positive & negative feedback

All feedback in any shape or form is valuable to your business.  If someone posts something negative, find out why.   Is it something you can fix and change their opinion?  Be polite, helpful and most of all transparent.  If you can change someone’s opinion you will often find the negative feedback turns into positive down the line and that’s worth its weight in social gold.

So, if you’re a business and you’re embracing Facebook and Twitter, remember that common sense will always stand you in good stead.  Imagine you’re talking to a loved one – don’t ignore them, don’t antagonise them and understand their feelings ARE important!

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