An inspirational Ecommerce success story

We blogged last week about our new features and upgrades that we have just released on our Ecommerce product, including a fantastic new SEO feature and batch processing.

Shortly after the release, we took a trip down to Portsmouth to visit one of our Ecommerce customers and find out about his e-business, its success and what he thought about the upgrade and the Ecommerce product in general. We got some fantastic feedback and heard an inspirational success story that we wanted to share with you.

Paris Nolan has been with Namesco a relatively short time and already runs numerous online shops with us, from his home in Portsmouth.

His latest shop Demon Eyez sells fun coloured and themed contact lenses to the UK and America and within three weeks of setting up the shop he was receiving over 100 orders a day!

“We came to Namesco because of the price and the whole package – it had everything we wanted, for example, the emails, easy design, handling the customers all in one place and its all set up for payment integrations.
I found Ecommerce very simple to use, there are instructions, help guides and you have technical support there too if you get stuck. It took us about 3 weeks to design the website and within 3 weeks after putting the website live we started taking orders”

An advocate for our Ecommerce product, Paris said he finds it user-friendly and has all the features he needs to run a successful online shop:

“I really like the setup, where it has the order manager, and when you are sending orders, it automates emails to customers with one click handling, rather than having to send them out individually to each customer. Plus it’s really easy to design and upload instantly – it’s perfect!
I like the new SEO feature. Sometimes you forget to put in keywords – now you can check the page and it will tell you what you need to do to put things right and gives you an SEO score. Also on the new features, everything is on one page, so you haven’t got to keep clicking through and wait for things to load, you can do it all a lot quicker now.”

It doesn’t stop there – Paris and his wife Sam have more tricks up their sleeve and are taking on some other new and exciting ventures with Ecommerce:

“We have got two shops live at the moment, another that’s almost ready to go up and another three or four ideas to add with Namesco. Plus we are bringing our diamante shop to Namesco as well.
I have had a lot of success with Ecommerce and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.”

So there you have it – Ecommerce is a fantastic way to turn your online shop ideas into reality!

Stay tuned: In the next few weeks we will be releasing the Video of our day with Demon Eyez, make sure you don’t miss it!

Want to know more?
Next month we’ll be hosting a live Webinar on our Ecommerce product showing you how to use it and start building your own online shop – keep checking back or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.


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