.UK reaches 10 million Registrations!

The number of registered .uk domains has broken through the 10 million barrier and its cause for celebration!

Preference for .uk domains remains strong in Britain, with 81% of those surveyed by Nominet in 2011, saying they prefer .uk sites when given the choice of a .uk or .com in search results. Amongst the reasons given were that it would be more likely to be a UK based company and have more relevance with prices in sterling and local cheaper delivery charges.

In Q4 2011 Nominet (the .UK registry), released figures showing that .uk registrations grew by 10.5% over the past 12 months and .uk maintains its position as the world’s second largest country code registry after Germany’s .de which has 15 million registrations.

Commenting on passing the 10 million mark, Nominet CEO Lesley Cowley said; “The cumulative impact of the 10 million domains in the registry is huge; it acts as the hub for millions of businesses and for e-commerce activity in the UK.  We’re committed to ensuring that .uk remains the number one choice for British businesses.”

It’s definitely an exciting time for the UK Internet space. In May 2012 we have the roll-out of multi-year registrations (1 to 10 years) for .uk domain names and recently Nominet were confirmed to establish both .cymru and .wales in the interests of Welsh businesses and consumers.

2012 is definitely a good year to be British!

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