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Welcome to our 4th installment of our SiteMaker SEO tips – this week we show you how to implement meta tags and keywords in your SiteMaker control Panel: –

You’ve done the work, got your keywords worked out for your different pages, got your site listed (registered) on the major search engines (see previous section), now what do you do? How do you make the changes using our tools? Good question. Here is the ‘how-to’…

Now that you’ve got your list of keywords, you’re ready to start making some changes. These keywords (or phrases) are your target words that you want your site to be found with when people use the search engines. Therefore, you will want to make sure that they are used appropriately on your site and that there is consistency in how they appear.

However, this still needs to be done in a sensible fashion. Just dumping a bunch of words on your site that don’t really make sense or fit with your site or page can lead to problems, so this needs to be done carefully.

Step By Step
If you remember from the first section, we had 8 different areas to optimise. I’ll go through each of these in turn:

1. The URL (or address) of your page
This can be the URL of your site, or indeed the URL of a particular page. In my case I would use for the site, or for the Bookings page.

This URL should be relevant to the contents of the page and use (if appropriate) some of your keywords.

You can change the names of your SiteMaker pages in the ‘Pages’ panel which can be accessed from the Pages icon on the Toolbar.

 2. Your page title in the HTML: e.g. “London Taxi Company”, or “London taxi bookings page”

3. Your Keywords metadata in the HTML: e.g. “London taxis, London taxi, joes taxis, west London taxi, etc.”

4. Your Description metadata in the HTML: e.g. “London Taxi Company provides taxi services…”

The ‘Title’ tag in the HTML is the name you see at the top of the browser bar when you visit the page.

The Keywords metadata is also hidden in the HTML and gives the search engine an idea of what your site is about based on particular words and phrases. The Descriptions metadata is again hidden in the HTML and is a short text summary of your site.

All three are important to get correct and consistent as they are used by search engines, though always in context with the rest of your site contents. Using our tools there are a couple of ways of setting these things. We let you set a default for all pages (useful if you have hundreds), but we also allow you to set these for individual pages, giving you more control.

If you go to ‘Admin’ -> ‘Site information’ you’ll see the ‘Site name’, ‘Site keywords’ and ‘Site description’ fields – we can ignore ‘Site email’ here. These will be the default metadata values that are inserted into the HTML for all of your pages, unless other values are added to the individual page settings themselves.

For individual pages, go to ‘Pages’ -> ‘Metadata’ and you will see the ‘Page title’, ‘Keywords’ and ‘Description’ fields which insert the values into the HTML for that particular page.

For example, with the fictional site you could set the default keywords to:

Keywords – “joes London taxis, London taxi, west London taxi, Hammersmith taxi, London minicab, west London minicab, London airport minicab, London airport taxi, London taxis, west London taxis, Hammersmith taxis, London minicab, west London minicab, London airport minicab, London airport taxis”

Description – “Joes London Taxis provides taxi services to all central and west London areas. If you want a west London taxi, call us on 0870 23 34 xx”
These appear on every page created and will remain unless you generate a different set for specific pages using the ‘Page Settings’ panel.

You can see how simple it is to make some adjustments to the keywords/description so that it is more specific to the actual page you are on, without having to change them all.

In our final instalment of our SiteMaker SEO tips we will continue with tips on optimising your site; with content, links and image naming…

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