New gTLDs

The internet has been buzzing about it for a while now and the start date for applications is getting closer. January 12, 2012 the application window will open and anyone who is interested in having their own gTLD can apply for it. Applying for, and managing your own TLD is very costly and time consuming. Yet, it will give you great brand protection and really enhances your internet presence. As a trademark owner you will have to weigh the benefits and costs of applying for your own TLD and the operation of its registry. ICANN has provided a step-by-step overview of the application process, which can be found here.

We can provide assistance in every step of the process to make your TLD a success. We are partnering with the best companies in the world to help you with:

1. Assessing whether to apply for a new gTLD or not
2. Full TLD consultancy services ranging from pre-launch (assessment, planning, strategy, policies, application writing, submission, post-submission), launch (execution, Sunrise, Landrush) to post-launch (operations, premium domain development, monetization etc.) services.
3. Advising you on choosing a Registry provider and Data Escrow provider
4. Enhancing your brand protection

Our Domain Name Specialists are on hand to discuss your commercial and brand protection objectives and help you choose the right strategy for your needs. Contact us today on 0845 363 6173 to arrange a consultation.

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