Get your online shop ready for Christmas Part 2

When Christmas decorations start appearing in towns and cities in November, most people start looking for presents to give to their loved ones. Online stores should be prepared now for the best sales season all year. In this post you can learn the best way to reach potential Christmas shoppers.

The right layout

Have you created a festive layout for your shop? If so, this is the ideal time to activate it. But even if you do not have a suitable layout yet, you still have enough time if you act quickly. Browse the items offered by image suppliers such as Getty Images or istockphoto – you might just find a suitable image. With just a bit of skill, you can quickly integrate presents, a Christmas tree or a Christmas snow design, now into your header graphic.

Create special landing pages and/or category pages which emphasize Christmas. Some possibilities include: “Gift ideas for him”, “Gift ideas for her”, “Most popular gifts” or “Special Christmas offers”. You could adapt the layout for these pages further to give them a festive feel, and insert a link to these pages on your homepage.

Check the product portals

Have you found products which will potentially become this year’s top sellers? (As mentioned in ‘Get your online shop ready for Christmas Part 1′) –If so, you should make absolutely certain that your stock levels will suffice. You should also ensure that any recently added products are listed in the most important marketplaces – such as Amazon, Ciao or eBay – so you can reach as many customers as possible.

eBay TIP: the closer you get to Christmas, the more important it becomes that your products feature the Buy It Now option, which is especially appealing to last-minute shoppers.

Utilise the right Google ads

Now is the time to create special Christmas ads for your shop with Google AdWords. Frequently used keywords at this time of year are “gifts”, “gift idea”, “Christmas”, “Christmas promotion”, etc so that your ad is displayed when these phrases are used in a search. Make sure that your ad text emphasises Christmas to attract the attention of customers. Appeal to people, for instance, by inserting “Delivery by Christmas” into your ad text. Make use of the Christmas landing pages as mentioned earlier.

Encourage customers to review your shop

Customers will gladly make purchases in a shop if they know they are in good hands. Positive customer reviews therefore mean a great deal. Make it clear to new customers that you boast a large base of existing satisfied customers. Use November to conduct an e-mail campaign aimed at regular customers; ask them to evaluate your services via eKomi, for example. Combine your campaign with an incentive, such as 10% discount on their next purchase, in order to increase the rate of participation and generate additional sales.

Don’t have your online shop yet? It’s not too late to get a simple shop set up and ready for peak trading this Christmas.

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PLUS look out for our final instalment of our Christmas Ecommerce Tips coming soon…

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