Why register a domain name for multiple years?

Your domain name is fundamental to the online presence of your business. That being the case it’s important to protect and nurture that investment. After all, nobody wants to create a website and promote a brand just to see it go down the tubes.

Purchasing your domain name for a longer term can save you heartache and even some money – something to consider…



Unless you’ve reserved it for multiple years, you’ll be charged a fee each year to renew your domain name registration.

By registering your domain name for the maximum term you pay a lower registration price and are protected from any price increase until renewal. There is a chance that the registries running the different domain extensions will raise their prices in the future. For example the .com and .org registries both decided to increase their registration cost when their contract with ICANN was renegotiated.

But saving a few pounds isn’t the only reason to renew for multiple years. Securing your domain name for the foreseeable future will save you the headache and expense of having your domain expire and needing to re-register it.


Protect your identity

Your domain name is your online identity, whether it’s the name of your business or your own name, losing your domain can have serious repercussions. Yearly registrations potentially expose more opportunities to lose your domain name e.g. you change your email address and renewal notices don’t reach you, or the credit card on file is no longer valid. Once your domain expires your website and email can go down affecting your business.

If your domain has expired and goes into Redemption you will have to pay more to redeem and renew it. After the redemption period, there’s a five-day wait for the domain to become available again. The domain is essentially “locked” during this period, and it can’t be restored, modified, or transferred. If you’re not willing to pay redemption fees, you can wait until the five days are up and try to reregister the domain, but be careful. In the worst case scenario you miss the Redemption period and someone else registers your domain which may result in a costly re-branding exercise.

Registering your domain for longer periods reduces the risk of all of this happening.

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