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Choosing your domain name is one of the most important things you will do for your online business – so careful attention should be paid to ensure you select the perfect domain for you.

The first thing you need to decide when choosing a domain name is whether you want it to be obvious to Internet users. The advantage to having a domain name that is clearly related to your website’s topic is it may help people find your website through keyword searches. Also, it may be easier for people to remember a domain name that is fairly intuitive.


Considerations for SEO

The first and obvious choice is your organisation name. However, this is not always the wisest choice. If it’s something inconspicuous then you’ll lose points from type in traffic, and if it’s no real reflection on your service, then you will lose on natural search traffic to your site.

Search engine’s no doubt account for the largest percentage of website traffic when compared to any other methods. Therefore, if your website is focused on a very specialized area, it’s always a good idea to give extra consideration in including the keyword somewhere in your domain name. For example a bakery called Sugars’ – should think about using Plus if your target market is local, consider adding your town name, e.g.


TLD or not TLD

A domain name should also always have a .com extension where available. Many people (type in traffic) would just end any domain name with a .com TLD (Top Level Domain). In simple terms, whenever someone thinks of a site, they have a tendency to end it with a .com. While other extensions offer you greater chances of getting your domain name choice, they may not always get you the traffic.

If you find that your domain name isn’t available in the .com extension, how about looking for the .co version as this is thought of as the new .com and for obvious reasons will often be searched in its place. The other benefit of the .co extension is that it allows geotargeting which gives you the option to target your products and services at specific markets based on the physical locations of the potential buyers.

However country coded extensions such as and .ie are also very important with regards to SEO as most of the large search engines will give you a higher search ranking for a site that has the TLD of the searchers’ country (ccTLD). For example, if someone from Ireland is performing a search for a bakery; a search engine will often rank higher than other sites selling the same product but only have a .com TLD.

Another thing to consider is what you are using your domain for. If it is for your company website you should be looking for extensions such as .com; .ie;; or .co; if you are a charity use the domains .org or and if it is a personal website or blog, look for .me and

Having the right domain name can increase the traffic on your site. The bottom line is more website traffic can mean more sales.


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Glossary of terms:

TLD = Top Level Domains – such as .com; .co and .org

ccTLD = Country Coded Top Level Domains – such as .ie and

SEO = Search Engine Optimisation

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