Not Planning for Christmas….. You should be!

OK maybe the title of this post is a little out there when the weather is still great and the leaves on the trees have not even started to turn, but you would be surprised how many organisations leave it late.
Over the past couple of years there has been a explosion in the number of Smart Phone and mobile devices that people now surf the internet with and it is still surprising how many online stores and site have not made their sites truly accessible to these devices.

Here are some stats from a recent survey:

  • 61 % of people surveyed browse the web more frequently on their SmartPhone.
  • 35% of Britons will do more shopping on their Smartphones this Christmas. 49% of these people will mainly purchase their Christmas Shopping using their Smartphone

For any retailer Christmas is an important time of year, the higher sales can help boost what has been an other wise mediocre year, bringing your business online with Namesco does have some significant advantages.

  • Your not affected by the great British weather
  • There are no long queue’s
  • Your business is still able to sell while your asleep
  • Your business is connected to any internet connected device Smartphone, tablet, computer or Internet TV.
  • Your customers don’t have to brave the Christmas crush

If you cast your mind back to last year, just before the big Christmas rush the great British weather struck, the entire country ground to a halt under a few inches of snow meaning shoppers stayed home, people worked from home or simply stayed home .  If your business has an online store then you can turn this to your advantage with Ecommerce store from Namesco your open 24 x 7 no matter the weather and your shop is now in everyone’s front room.

A couple of final stats from the survey:

  • 35% of people surveyed will be spending half of their Christmas budget online.
  • 25% plan to do three quarters of their Christmas shopping online.

For more information about the Namesco Ecommerce range please see our website.

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