How to create member only / client only areas of your SiteMaker Website.

Members only areas or client only areas can be useful ways of providing privileged information to a select group of your site visitors.

This can allow you to create better relationships with these people and use your website to present or distribute information privately with a guest list that you directly control. It’s one of the features that makes SiteMaker unique among other website builders, and it is extremely powerful.

We’ve also been asked about ‘paid membership’. By using Groups to create a set of VIP members, it is possible to charge a fee before adding a member to that group, though this has to be done manually. So here’s how to do all of these things.


Members only pages

Creating members only areas is reasonably easy and very powerful. It also means that anyone who joins your site will immediately get access to that page so there is no manual work to update the permissions for each new member.

To create a members only area, first click on ‘People’ in the Toolbar and then the ‘Permissions’ tab. Here you will see a list of all your pages on the left, and the permissions settings of the selected page (or pages) on the right.

Every page can have its permissions set individually; alternatively you can change the permissions for multiple pages at once (use the ‘control’ or ‘shift’ keys while selecting pages to select several at once).

To make the page restricted to members only, select the page from the list on the left, then change the ‘view’ settings for that page to ‘members only’. And that’s it – now you have a members only area set up and ready to go.

Image: creating a members only page



Client only areas

Creating and managing groups is the key to client only areas. Groups can have permissions set as a whole, and any member who is part of that group will get those permissions. You can add or remove members from Groups at any time.

If you don’t have any Groups, you will need to go to the ‘group’ tab first and set one up.

Image: adding groups

Next, go back to the ‘Permissions’ tab and select the page that you wish to edit from the list on the left, then change the ‘view’ settings for that page to ‘Group’ – and you can then choose which Group can see that page, e.g. Clients.

Image: assign view to Client Group

You can then add or remove individual members from that Group to control who can see that page. This would be the same process if you were creating a VIP section of selected members only.

Image: adding members to groups

You can also create members directly for your clients by going to the ‘members’ tab and clicking ‘create member’. You can then define a username, password and email for this client when you create a member. Once the member is created, you can add them to a Group on your site so they have the correct permissions. Finally, you can email your client with the new member’s username and password and a link to the login page. The ‘create member’ function makes it easy to set up client only areas without the client having to do anything themselves.

Image: creating members



There are numerous ways you can use this kind of functionality, so have a go and let us know what you think! –



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