20% off .biz – the business only domain.

biz is the ONLY extension that is just for businesses and for a limited time we’re giving you a whopping 20% off new registrations!

Plus check out our simple name guide to make sure you choose the right domain for your business.

Don’t compromise your perfect domain name just because it’s already been taken in .com – you can secure a short and memorable domain name in the .biz extension and save 20% on all registrations.


.BIZ Name Guide

1. Shorter is better:  It’s a lot easier to remember and then type shorter domain names. Customers will find you more quickly with less frustration if they only have to type a short address.

2. Avoid confusing terms:  Choosing a quirky domain may be part of your intended marketing strategy, but try to keep it memorable; if customers can’t spell your domain because it’s written differently to how it sounds, they may not be able to find you.

3. Check out Google:  To make it easier to find your business in a search, choose a name that has few existing matches in Google.  The more competition, the less likely you are to be found.

4. Use a distinctive name:  It’s important to create simple names, but they don’t have to be boring.  Get creative whilst keeping the terms relevant.

5. Avoid trademarks:  Avoid using names that include well-known trademarks – otherwise you’ll soon receive a request to surrender the name or face a legal dispute.

6. Don’t lose it:  Your name is an asset.  Setup automatic renewal and pay attention to renewal notices.  Active domains that ‘drop’ if they are not renewed are more likely to be picked up by specialists who will charge to a fortune to buy them back.


About .biz

.BIZ has been steadily growing as a domain extension for the past 10 years and this steady growth means that it hasn’t been flooded with speculative domain registrations.  Instead, the .biz domain space is full of successful active websites, but unlike .com there are still plenty of great domain names available.  .BIZ is a top level extension with no geographic restrictions reserved for businesses.

So you’re more likely to be able to select an Internet address with your actual company name, sub brands or even promotional websites instead of a less effective workaround in .COM.

Click HERE to find out more about .biz and get 20% off your registration today…

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