Rush is on for catchy domains

Single and two character domains like or are easily recalled by customers which offers a powerful marketing opportunity. Only recently coming to market in the UK with a change in the rules of registration, Nominet, the .UK domain Registry, on 23rd May opened the Landrush phase for the remaining 2,640 .uk short domains. Given their simplicity and the overall strength of brand equity built into these names their release on to the market represents a great chance to capture a compelling and catchy domain.

During Landrush, any party can apply for a name (may be you fancy being or and if yours is the sole application then on 23rd June you become the proud owner. Alternatively, if, at the close of the period on 15th June, there is more than one application, the matter goes to auction held on 20th. Any remaining names then go on general availability on a first-come-first-served basis. There are still a huge number of names still available as previously there was a requirement to have an established right to a name, and so Landrush is the best chance to secure a branded domain for your current or future business using some of the most memorable combinations in the English language.

For example, during Sunrise around 80 names went through without contest. Of course there was strong competition for a few names and a couple eagerly watched were which went eventually to American Airlines and which ended up with the insurers previously known as Liverpool Victoria. To see what opportunities there are still out there view the list of those names available at the start of Landrush.

If you wish to secure a short .uk domain please contact our Domain Name Management team via email, the website or call us on 0845 363 6173.

For full details of the process and registration rules are available, though simple registration guidelines are:
– No restrictions. Recommended for commercial organizations
– No restrictions. Recommended for not-for-profit organizations
– Reserved for individuals. Companies cannot register domains
– Reserved for the UK Internet Service Providers

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4 thoughts on “Rush is on for catchy domains

  1. I still can’t get anyone to explain why we have to have the .co part of


    We must be the only country with a double-barrel suffix.

    1. I think that might be because there are sub divisions of .UK such as, and the others mentioned above, but that is only a guess.

  2. Hi Ray, Can i try and help you with this, I’m in the Domain Name Management team at Namesco and during the initial phase we received a large number of calls from customers who had been confused and wanted to register directly under the .uk extension.

    I spoke to Nominet and I wrote about it on my personal blog

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