.UK Short Domains Up For Grabs

The Landrush phase for the 2,640 remaining .uk short domains will begin on 23rd May and if you haven’t yet tried to secure your ideal Domain, then get in touch and we can guide you through the Landrush application process for these valuable short .uk addresses.

Normal registration restrictions apply during Landrush, meaning applications no longer need to provide Intellectual Property rights information about their chosen address and so this is a great chance to secure a valuable Domain.  These Domains cannot be purchased through the online channel because Whois information will not deliver an available result during this phase, and so please get in touch directly with the Domain name Management team to complete applications.

A list of domains that will be released by Nominet can be found here

A Landrush application window opens at midday (12.00 BST) on 23 May 2011 and will close at midday (12.00 BST) 15 June 2011.   Any domain name for which there is only one qualifying application will be allocated on 23rd June.  Please ensure that all applications are submitted well ahead of the closing date to guarantee final submission.

Domain names which receive more than one application will go to auction, and the domain name will be awarded to the applicant who places the highest bid. The auctions will take place from 20th July onwards; details will be sent to participants in advance. Any profits from the auctions will go to Nominet Trust.

Simple registration rules are:

·         .co.uk. No restrictions. Recommended for commercial organizations.

·         .org.uk. No restrictions. Recommended for non-for-profit organizations.

·         .me.uk. Reserved for individuals. Companies cannot register .me.uk domains.

·         .net.uk. Reserved for the UK Internet Service Providers.

Applicants will be publicly visible through the Sunrise whois tool. To make your application, get in touch and we’ll issue terms and conditions along with full application pricing.

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