A Fanatic’s iPad 2 Review

If I’m honest, it’s pretty hard for me to write a balanced review about my iPad 2 because I love it so much! So rather than take the usual approach of listing all the cool stuff and moaning about bugs, I’m just going to share with you the reasons why you need to upgrade your current iPad if you haven’t already done so.

It’s true that I spent 12 hours queuing in the rain to get my iPad 2, but that’s because I was experiencing withdrawal symptoms after I sold my old iPad the day before Apple announced the launch of iPad 2. But the wait was definitively worth it.

It’s such a simple thing, but setting aside all the improved performance features, the new Smart Cover has made a huge difference. As well as being fun to play with the magnetised attachment, unlike my old protective cover – it actually works. Not only does it keep the screen safe, but standing the iPad 2 up is loads easier and there’s less fussing about putting it in and out of the case. Top tip – try not to spill olive oil on your leather cover – it really does not wash off.

The old iPad single core A4 processor is gone and has been upgraded to a dual-core A5 processor and I think it’s made a noticeable difference to performance. Along with improved memory, iPad 2 is a lot quicker when switching between Apps and it means I can hold loads more web pages in memory without having to re-fresh.

I’m not a heavy user of the new built in cameras (front and back), but it is handy to have for Skype chats and the quality is pretty good. If you were expecting a full service digital camera, then you’ll be disappointed, but for FaceTime the cameras are great.

The slight drop in weight (now weighs about 80g) and more slim line design mean that reading on iPad 2 is a much nicer experience. Apple launched with a strapline, “Thinner. Lighter. Faster” and for what my opinions worth, I have to agree.

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