Going Virtual

What is virtualisation?
Virtualisation describes hosting one or more virtual servers on a single physical server. The host takes a single dedicated server and then divides this up into a number of virtual servers – the more powerful the physical server, the more virtual servers it can support. From the customer perspective, a virtual server behaves in the same way as a dedicated server: it is completely isolated from other virtual servers and has its own allocated resources.

Why choose virtual server hosting?
Virtualisation basically offers you dedicated server style hosting without the costs associated with co-location or leasing physical server hardware (don’t forget additional support and staffing costs too).

A virtual server could be beneficial to you if…

  • …You would like the freedom to choose and install your own applications and configure them how you like.
  • …You are comfortable with server administration and you don’t require a full dedicated server set up.
  • …You are a developer in need of a development environment that you can set up as you wish (you can also wipe and reinstall the OS when you like).
  • …You want to do more than just web hosting. A virtual server could be running anything from email to a VOIP server.

Managed vs Unmanaged
This normally describes the level of support you are entitled to – unmanaged are typically cheaper than managed, however the host is only responsible for ensuring the server is running and you are responsible for fixing any problems that may crop up beyond this. You will also need to do all of your own patching and software updates. You should only choose an unmanaged service if you are familiar with server administration.

Virtual Servers in a nutshell

  • Greater control over applications and configurations
  • Access to specifically allocated resources
  • Effectively dedicated hosting that is matched to your budget and requirements

If you would like to know more about virtual server hosting from Namesco, why not give our virtual hosting guys a call on 0845 363 3635

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