Short .UK Has A Long Way To Go

Single character domains like and two character domains like represent a powerful marketing opportunity as they are easily recalled by customers.

During phase I of previously reserved and short Nominet .UK domain names, only 99 uncontested names were registered and many of these were secured by smaller businesses. We therefore expect to see a flood of applications later in the registration process so now is the perfect time for you to apply.

In addition to the 99 already registered, only a few other Domains went to auction during phase I and so you still have a chance to secure a valuable web address.

Nominet were expecting many more applications. However we know from the client calls we received that many interested companies simply could not meet the registration requirements. The short extension launch has not received significant marketing support by other Registrys and so UK business community awareness of this opportunity is low.

At this moment we are in phase II, which allows registration from both ‘registered rights’ holders that have a trademark “exactly’ matching the character permutation (registered prior to 1 Jan 2008) and ‘unregistered rights’ holders (registered trademarks, any other rights or quasi-rights to a name or mark, including trade mark applications, marks protected as registered or unregistered designs, domain names, company names or trade names).

We can accept applications for stage 2 until 16 March 2011.

Any applications that are ‘not’ made against a trademark will require an affidavit from a qualified legal professional with experience of UK intellectual property law confirming that, in their opinion, the right claimed fulfils the following criteria:

“The Applicant had goodwill in a mark which exactly matches the Domain Name being applied for (ignoring the second level and first level suffixes of the Domain Name and spaces and full stops appearing in the mark), on or before 1 January 2008.”

As a reminder, here are the basic Nominet .UK registration rules:

– No restrictions. Recommended for commercial organizations
– No restrictions. Recommended for not-for-profit organizations
– Reserved for individuals. Companies cannot register domains
– Reserved for the UK Internet Service Providers

Both ‘commercial’ and ‘not-for-profit’ organisations have successfully secured both the and with the same evidence in Phase 1.

If you think your business might qualify and you’d like assistance processing your application, call 0845 363 6173 or arrange a call back.

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