Maximise your online inventory

Your website is valuable online inventory!
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Space on your website is often referred to as inventory and this inventory can earn revenue from every click received, should you wish to place advertisements on your pages.

With, Namesco’s own advertising platform we guarantee to place relevant, brand safe adverts on your site and fulfil any inventory you have. Thanks to the sophisticated targeting technology you can be sure that any ads shown will be truly relevant to your visitors and in keeping with your site.

Making money from your site has never been easier.

When deciding to place adverts on your web pages you are called a ‘publisher’, in other words you publish adverts on your site. Each time one of those ads is clicked you earn revenue, directly and securely paid to you via HSBC. You have access to your own personal login and your site’s performance and earnings are clearly shown in real time.

So, what adverts will show and how are they chosen?

Diagram of Simply process
Simply uses sophisticated targeting software to essentially match the best adverts to display on your pages. These techniques are referred to as:

  • Contextual: Analyses the content of your pages
  • Yield: Looks at the historical performance
  • Behavioural: Monitors users behaviour

Simply’s unique Cluster technology then constructs groups, correlating the principles above to match the best performing ads to your site visitors, ensuring you achieve the highest click throughs and therefore earnings.

All our ads are brand safe and our advertisers have had to meet strict approval criteria so you can be sure that only safe, relevant ads are shown to your users.

How to get started?

  1. Complete the free registration and then log in from the link sent to your e-mail address
  2. In the menu, click on ‘Settings’, select ‘Add new site’ and complete the page with UK as your country
  3. In the same menu, select ‘Add New Tag’ and enter details for the number of ad sizes you want.
  4. Then select ‘Manage Tags’ and copy the codes generated on to your site pages

The ads will appear on your site within minutes.

And most importantly, how much does it cost?

Here is the good news, with Simply there are no sign up fees and no recurring monthly account fees. Where Simply makes its money is as a % of the click cost so every time an ad on your site receives a click, you can rest assured you have earnt from it!

Earn from your website with today

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