Do you know your web success?

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Measuring how successful your website is proving to be is essential to getting the best out of your web presence. Piwik, one of our 100+ Free 1-click Installs provides detailed reports on your website traffic via a modular drag-and-drop, dashboard style interface. Available on all our Linux hosting packages, Piwik aims to be an open source alternative to Google Analytics.


  • All visitor statistics are available to you and stored in your own MySQL database – not ‘in the cloud’
  • Modular drag-and-drop dashboard interface
  • Extensive API for querying visitor data

How it works

Piwik works in a similar fashion to Google Analytics: you add your website to it, output a piece of code (Javascript) and then insert this code  into your website pages. The reports run in real time, so you should start seeing visitor data as soon as you have added the tracking code to the page.


Piwik Dashboard

The interface itself is slick and easy to use without any clutter; if you have used Google Analytics before then the dashboard layout will feel familiar. The dashboard is widget based and you can drag and drop modules around, so you can customise it as you wish by removing the modules that you don’t want and adding those that you do.


You can output reports in various formats such as charts, graphs or tag clouds and switch between them in a couple of clicks.  Data can be exported as CSV, TSV (for MS Excel) XML, JSON, PHP or as an RSS feed. A nice feature (especially for SEO) is that you can set up daily, weekly or monthly automated email reports that include a PDF of the reports
that you specify – perfect for keeping your clients (or your boss 😉 ) in the loop.

Piwik User Settings


Piwik provides a bunch of different APIs that you can use for querying the visitor data collected. There is also extensive documentation at the Piwik developer zone, so as long as you know a bit of PHP you can quickly get started.


Support is provided through an active forum and there is also an FAQ on their website.

How to install

It just takes a couple of seconds to install with 1-Click – you can search for it or find it under Polls and Surveys in the 1-Click section of your Online Control Panel

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One thought on “Do you know your web success?

  1. This is good software and allows me as a site owner to see details of my site’s performance while remaining ignorant of my visitors’ identities. Neither do I have to tell Google all the details of site usage.
    It would be even better to be able to read the server logs with Piwik, instead of the Webalizer provided. Webalizer is all right but struggles to distinguish between human and robot visitors. Will Namesco give customers this option, do you think?

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