The Art Of Backing Up – Is Your Company Data Safe?

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Is your data safe? Does your company have a disaster recovery policy? When you look at your business today you can see that the information or data you have is vital to it’s smooth running and yet most businesses are unprepared for the worst and unaware of how at risk their data is.

The main reason for this is that many companies are unaware of the key facts, with a little preparation and minimal expenditure they could protect themselves. You may have a disaster recovery policy but have you covered everything? Here are some areas you have may have forgotten.

• Back up Everything: You may think it will never happen to your business but at some time you will experience a server failure or major hard drive crash. It can be said that there are 2 kinds of company – those who have had a loss of data and those who will have a loss.

• Regular backups: If your company has spent a couple of weeks working on a proposal and a few days before submission you find your server has crashed and taken all the work with it, would you be satisfied with a back up from last week?

• Email: Most people don’t ever consider backing up their emails – it’s one of those things that is always there, you can access it from your computer, phone and even some TV’s. You don’t realise just how much information is in your emails, until you lose them.

• Business Critical Data: Most people will assume that their backup policy will cover all data but this is not always the case. In smaller businesses you may find that all the accounting data, pay rolls, invoices etc are on one machine. This is one machine that you should really make sure gets a full back up.

• Files and Folders: You have your business critical data stored and backed up in a safe location, what about all the Word, PowerPoint or Excel files in your My Documents folder. This is a popular target for virus’s to delete data so it’s important to back these up too.

• Contacts: This really refers to your email, if you use a shared contacts system for all your email address books then it is likely that your local contacts will not be backed up and will be stored locally on the users normal machine. If your machine suffers a hard drive crash you could lose all your contacts.

• Off-site storage of backups: So you back up everything, how do you store it all – external hard drive, backup tapes, DVD’s or a file server? Maybe all of them! Now imagine there is a fire in the building, items not burnt to a crisp by the fire are soaked by the sprinklers or fire brigade. All your data is lost or seriously compromised. The best of disaster recovery policies are wasted if all your data is kept in one location.

Be smart and ensure your website data is fully backed up with an Award Winning Shared Hosting Plan or a Dedicated Business Server from Namesco.

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