Customer in ‘letter’ shock!

A number of our customers have contacted us recently after receiving confusing ‘snail mail’ from a company calling themselves “Domain Renewal Group”. We wanted to share their experience with you.

If you receive any correspondence then please pay attention to the small print otherwise you might be in for a shock. A quick google of the name “Domain Renewal Group” may also provide you with the views of more customers.

Using data publically available in WHOIS services this company “Domain Renewal Group” post out hard copy notifications to customers which they call, ‘Domain Name Expiration Notices’. When read carefully these are actually worded as a “suggestion” that you transfer the Domain away from your current Registrar to this new company.

Customers always have this option and transferring may be a sensible choice. However, a key part of the process is to obtain an EPP or authorisation code from the existing registrar to be passed on to the new registrar. Note that Domain Renewal Group may not ask you to obtain this and cannot become the new registrar without it!

The correspondence is laid out to replicate an invoice, already completed with your Domain name and stating a renewal amount. One of our customers not aware of the original purchase of the Domain (given renewal periods of a year plus, this is not uncommon), shelled out the amount stated believing they had renewed the domain for another year. Of course, because the transfer process had not been completed, when the domain eventually came up for renewal, the actual Registrar (in this case, us) requested payment to renew and the whole sorry tale surfaced.

So, our advice is the old classic of “Buyer Beware”. If you do wish to transfer your Domains we will happily guide you through the process – what we don’t want is our customers paying for something that they don’t receive.

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