Avoiding Online Brand Infringement

Do you know if someone else is using your brand to trade on the Internet? If your company name is well known or popular, someone may be using it to do business on the Internet without your knowledge.

We can help identify if your trademark or brand is being used as a keyword for a pay per click campaign, if it appears on unauthorised pages, or as a part of a Domain name you don’t own. As well as identifying potential infringement, we can also advise about the best way to protect your brand online.

How Is Your Brand At Risk?

There are many ways that competitors and cyber-squatters may be using your brand on the Web to steal traffic and damage your reputation. Your company name may have been registered by someone else with an extension that you have not yet registered (e.g. yourbrand.co), as part of a domain name (www.domainanameyourbrand. com), as the name of a file contained in a URL (e.g. http://www.domainname.com/xxx/yourbrand), or even as a keyword in a Pay Per Click campaign.

How can our Brand Infringement Service Help to Protect Your Brand?

This service allows you to find out if and how your brand is being used by third parties on the web. At the end of our analysis, you will receive a detailed report of the web addresses and web pages where your brand appears or is quoted and / or the websites that are using it as a keyword in a Pay Per Click campaign. We can provide this service in a number of different languages.

We can help you to identify the cases that may require your name to be blocked from use by third parties, as well as highlighting the domain names for which you may want to appoint Namesco to initiate and mange your recovery procedures.

Get in touch to find out more.

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