The Cost of Pressure Buying

Increasing numbers of our clients are receiving unsolicited third party emails from the Far East coercing them to buy international Domains. These alarming emails create such impact that you may feel pressured into reactively purchasing at a high cost rather than protecting your brand online with a controlled and planned strategy.

Most emails declare they are from a professional ‘Intellectual Property Rights’ organization and claim to have received a request from a potential customer to register multiple Domain names identical to yours (in various different extensions or an ‘internet brand’ – sometimes referred to as ‘internet keywords’).

We’ve even seen a completely false claim that once an ‘internet brand’ has been registered, no other parties can register any new top level Domain names related to this brand. If only this were true.

The company explains how they have blocked this application and are allowing you the 1st opportunity to secure these. The email may go on to state that should you not register them then you have foregone any rights to the other party.

Nobody can guarantee that these claims are not legitimate, however trying to react to individual requests may leave your Domain portfolio splintered and running at an unnecessarily high cost.

Holding a ‘Trademark’ will not prevent others from purchasing your desirable Domain names and a UK trademark will only offer you recourse of legal action within the .uk extension. It has no legal jurisdiction in China, Hong Kong or elsewhere and the only way to prevent someone purchasing a Domain name that is commercially important to you, is to purchase it yourself.

There are hundreds of extensions internationally and your Domain name purchases should be for a specific brand protection reason. If you’re trading internationally, then do speak to us for advice on which Domain names should be considered. We can help you prioritise your purchase and advise you on the ‘high risk’ areas that should be considered in your portfolio.

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