Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Few businesses give lots of thought to their domain names until it’s too late, and most don’t have an internal domain name policy or guidelines in place.

Can You Answer These Key Questions ?

A good way to think about prevention is to start with these key questions:

1. What’s your brand position right now?
2. What’s your domain name policy/strategy?
3. Who’s managing your Online Brand?
4. What are you doing to develop and protect your Online Brand?

FREE Brand Audit

We can help guide you through the questions you need to answer and provide practical solutions and services to support development of your strategy. Did you know that as an existing Namesco business customer, our team will carry out a FREE snapshot brand audit for you?

We work on a broad range of initiatives with our clients ranging from a brand audit, helping to identify areas of exposure, to providing comprehensive purchase and retrieval plans. As an example of what you can expect from our brand audit, we’ll give you a comprehensive list of domain availability internationally for your currently portfolio … often identifying domains your company owns that you didn’t even know about!

Time and again we surprise clients when they realise stakeholders throughout their organisation (e.g. previous team members) have registered domains independently and that their domain portfolio is much larger than expected. We can start with the basics and ensure you maintain correct legal registrant and renewal details across all of your online assets before going on to explore potential brand conflicts and opportunities.

We’d prefer the opportunity for us to work together now and develop your Online Brand Protection services and procedures together, rather than receive that phone call when everything has gone wrong. Get in touch today on 0845 363 6173 and start planning your prevention strategy.

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