Deregulation of .ES domain by Spanish registry

.ES is the official domain extension for Spain. Previously subject to restrictions, the Spanish registry has decided to de-regulate the domain in 2 phases:

The first phase, the sunrise period, commences on the 6th September; Namesco has opened a queue for those who qualify under the Sunrise rules:

Phase 1: Sunrise for trademark holders and companies registered in Spain

  • Owners or licensees of commercial names and registered trademarks

(Spanish trademarks, Community trademarks and International trademarks valid in Spain), denominations of origin and other industrial rights protected in Spain can apply for the corresponding .es domain names.

  • Foundations, associations, companies established according to Spanish Law and first branches duly registered at the Spanish Trade Register of foreign companies can apply for the following domain names:
    • The complete name of the organization as it is included in the document of constitution. (The type of organization or its abbreviation can be omitted).
    • An abbreviation of the complete name of the organization that unmistakably identifies the organization. (Applications for abbreviated names, which do not reasonably and according to intuition correspond with the complete name of the organization will be failed by the registry).

The Sunrise queue will close on 19th October 2005

Phase 2: the Landrush period.

The Landrush period is for general registration on a first come, first served basis. A registrant can apply for as many names as he/she wishes. A local presence for the admin contact will be required but we are able to offer this.


6th September – 21st October 2005

Sunrise 2 for trademark holders. All sunrise queue orders are submitted to the registry.

19th Oct. 2005

The .es sunrise queue closes.

4th Nov. 2005

The land rush queue closes.

8th Nov. 2005

Submission of the land rush queue to the registry. General availability of 2nd level .es domain names on a first-come-first-served basis.

.es domains are available from only

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