sells for $800,000

Use and protect your own online digital identity with a unique domain name.

2005 saw a return of six figure domain name sales, with some domains, such as which sold for $800,000, fetching astronomical amounts of money. In 2006 and beyond, many are predicting a huge growth in the demand for domain names, with even Bill Gates stating that “Domains have and will continue to go up in value faster than any other commodity ever known to a man.”

The growth of the domain market is being driven forward by the growing possibilities of content, with more and more people wanting to share their photos, files, blogs and information on the Internet. A unique domain name is far more memorable than a URL given for free by your ISP, for , making it easier to share your digital lifestyle on the web. With over 260 types of domain name available, there are still plenty of memorable addresses to register, especially with the .EU domain name, which is specifically for individuals and organisations within the European Community.

As the growth of the digital lifestyle continues, owning your own unique location on the web will become increasingly important; so much so, we are now seeing trends whereby domains are being registered as gifts for significant events such as Christmas, Weddings, New babies and birthdays.

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