.Uk.co Just Launched

The .uk.co domain has been setup as a way of creating more space within the already overcrowded “.co.uk” name space. It serves to help reduce the confusion which many people have with “.co.uk”.

It is estimated that approximately 12,000 attempts are made each day to find a uk.co name.
This represents 12,000 lost hits/customers to web sites per day.

.uk.co has much greater availability than .co.uk so there is more chance of your being able to register your preferred name. It is also worth registering your .uk.co as it protects your brand or compnay name online and it may also help pick up some traffic to your site.

Ensure your customers reach your site even if they confuse co.uk with uk.co by registering yours today. Click ‘START’ above to get going.

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