Important news for .TEL owners

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The .tel registry emailed all domain name registrants directly last month to announce some important changes to the hosting of .tel domain names. Please see a copy of the .tel communication here. On the 13th March .tel will switch off their old hosting platform so everyone that has a .tel domain name must make sure they have uploaded any content to the new platform via the login they have provided. Unfortunately, any content on the old platform will be lost after 13th March 2017. If you have a .tel domain name and have any questions, the .tel registry has asked […]

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Using Images and Fonts Effectively

To achieve visual success, it’s essential that you master the text and imagery on your website. Having images that catch the eye and words that wow is one thing, bringing them together to create something stunning is another. Have a browse through our top three points explaining the basics of font and imagery matching and why they’re so important to website design.     Readability Fancy fonts with intricate patterns should be kept to a minimum, however if you do choose to go with a complex font, keep it to the larger title text so it’s easier to read. Large […]

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WordPress vulnerability leads to compromised sites

WordPress-hack 2017

WordPress recently confirmed a security flaw has existed in its WordPress blogging software since the end of 2016. The bug has affected tens of thousands of websites, specifically WordPress blogs and news of the vulnerability continues to spread via popular sites such as BBC News and many tech websites too. Not only does this mean WordPress sites can be compromised, but it also means the vulnerability can potentially be used as an entry point to take over the whole WordPress website. To date the most common type of compromise has been defacing the most recent blog post. What should you […]

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Chrome warns users HTTP is not secure


Is your website’s connection secure? Google Chrome is about to change how non-secure pages are displayed so now is a good time to check. From this month, Chrome will start marking HTTP sites as not secure so users will be made aware the site is not safe. Often visitors don’t realise that anyone on the network can intercept a site loaded over a HTTP connection. This means any personal details such as home or email addresses, bank details, credit/debit card information, security answers etc. can be stolen. When browsing or buying online, a lock icon in the address bar shows […]

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Over the last few weeks our staff have rallied around to show their support for two very worthy causes, the ‘Toys for Tots’ scheme and the Worcester Foodbank. Together we were able to collect and donate a huge selection of non-perishable food items and new toys to help those most in need over the Christmas period. The “Toys for Tots” scheme was set up by the Worcester Community Trust in collaboration with the H&W Chamber of Commerce and the Worcestershire Ambassadors. Each year, they ask local companies like ourselves to buy an extra gift each for disadvantaged children in Worcestershire. […]

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