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Welcome to the names.co.uk blog, the new name for Namesco! At names.co.uk we provide domain registration, web hosting, personal and business email, ecommerce solutions, website creation tools, business servers and lots more.

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ICANN: Some BIG Issues Debated

We’ve just been to the ICANN 44 conference in Prague and picked up information we think you need to know. You may not be aware what ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) does or how important ICANN is to the Internet. If you think the role of ICANN is simply to ensure it “coordinates the Domain Name System (DNS)”, then you’re wrong. Right now, the Internet community is on the edge of a “choice revolution” on the lead up to controversial new gTLD’s (Generic Top Level Domains) and at the same time your Domain registrant privacy is being … Continue reading

Apple loses control of iPad.com domain names

Despite being one of the wealthiest tech companies in the world, Apple has lost a vital domain name portfolio for its hit iPad tablets. With the new retina display iPad announced yesterday at Yerba Buena Centre for Arts in San Francisco, we can reveal that www.iPad.com is a dead website, showing a construction site saying ‘coming soon’. Elsewhere a British design company that has been trading for over 18 years owns the lucrative www.apple.co.uk While Apple does own the rights to apple.com, iPod.com, iWork.com, iCloud.com and iMac.com, the Cupertino-based tech innovators have lost control of their iPad name portfolio in … Continue reading

Find your perfect partner with .COM and .NET

Do you have a new idea to put online? Multiply it by 2! Choose a .COM domain, the most popular extension, and register a second .NET domain with 50% off! 3 good reasons to register a .COM and a .NET They are international They are the most popular extensions in the world. They are quickly registered: everybody can request a .com or a .net and the domain is allocated in real time. Why register 2 domains? One domain is not enough to guarantee an appropriate online protection. Registering your domain in various extensions is the best way to protect your … Continue reading

Tips for choosing the right domain…

Choosing your domain name is one of the most important things you will do for your online business – so careful attention should be paid to ensure you select the perfect domain for you. The first thing you need to decide when choosing a domain name is whether you want it to be obvious to Internet users. The advantage to having a domain name that is clearly related to your website’s topic is it may help people find your website through keyword searches. Also, it may be easier for people to remember a domain name that is fairly intuitive.   … Continue reading

Expired domains pose security risk

When you get those renewal reminders for your domains and they get stuffed to the bottom of your inbox until the date whizzes past and they expire, it’s worth thinking about how you used those domains and what trail they leave across the digital landscape. British hacker and entrepreneur, Ben Reyes, recently discovered that, through a domain he had newly registered, he was able to access someone else’s email history, calendar and contacts. Because the domain had been tied with Google Apps by the previous owner and then left to expire, when Ben came to link it himself he found … Continue reading

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